Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Okay, okay.

I have a bad habit.

Actually, I have a lot of them, but let’s not go crazy here or anything.

For now let’s just stick to one of them.

This is something that has driven Ty crazy since we moved in together after getting married. . .

That’s right.
I always forget to put new toilet paper on the. . . what is that thing called?
Ok, I’ll just call it the “thing.”
Now seriously, its not that I’m being lazy, I swear.
When I notice that I’ve used the last of the toilet paper, I always think to myself, “Oh, I need to replace that.”
But then I get distracted.
Sometimes I’m distracted by the smell of our soap, which I love.
Sometimes I’m distracted by touching up makeup.
Sometimes I preoccupy myself with some new subtraction song I’ve made just made up for my kiddos.
Sometimes I’m distracted by a text. . . yes, I’m one of THOSE people who takes their phone into the bathroom with them.
Anyway, the point is, sometimes I just forget.
I promise I don’t neglect to put new toilet paper on the thing on purpose.
Ty gets SO annoyed by it though!
After complaining about it for like the millionth time, he even started putting the empty rolls around the house to try to get his point across.
I’ve found them in my car.
I’ve found them in my bed.
I’ve found them on the kitchen counter.
Its so bad that we both make a HUGE deal about it when I actually remember.
I’m really trying, but sometimes, old habits are hard to break!


  1. Too funny! I am a fellow LIY sponsor for May and wanted to pop over and say hello. Looking forward to following along!

    Dana @ five30three.com

  2. Tip from mom: Always leave at least 2 squares on the roll. That way you can claim that it wasn't empty yet!